Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We Have it Good

First world Kdrama fan problems. 

There are times where I complain. There are times where I get caught up in a new drama (granted, that isn’t very often as I’m not that much of a simulcaster) where the new episode just isn’t coming out fast enough. 

I can get cranky when we don’t get access to every single drama that comes out in Korea. Who are they to tell me what shows I’m going to be interested in or what shows I can have access too? Seriouly, why isn’t the variety show 4 Sons, 1 Daughter being subbed? It stars WOO BIN. Woo freaking Bin, one of the hottest of the hot right now. It’s a head shaker.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Can You Name This Song: An Update!

Thanks to the quick response of Imagine Sky Blue Pink, I now know what the song was playing in that cutesy Korean gift shop. While I really like the song, and will probably see if I can buy it somewhere, I still stand by the notion that it was an odd choice for such a pink filled shop.

Bobby, Go

Thanks Imagine Sky Blue Pink!

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What A Difference A Character Picture Makes


First images of the upcoming remake of the Japanese drama Nodame Cantible (now Tomorrow Cantabile) have been released, and although they are only of Joo Won, he is looking so mighty fine, so dandy as his character in the taken down tuxedo, it made me stop in my place. 

It made my stance of "no way in h-e-double hockey sticks am I ever watching what I assume will be a piece of crap drama" shift slightly to "well, maybe, just maybe, this won't be as bad as I think it will. Maybe." 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Musical Monday Part 2: The Can You Name This Song Edition

Hey guys! I posted this on Instagram this weekend and was hoping maybe someone here could help. Thea and I were in the Korean area of Flushing and I was showing her the cutest little shop. In this cutesy little cute shop they played the weirdest collection of music, we walked into something from the Frozen sountrack, then it was Kpop, then a hardcore 'bitches & 'ho's' American rap song, then later this rap song. This one is Korea and I just can't place who is performing or what the song is. It does have a harder edge to it, (what I recorded was the chorus) so I don't think it's a kpop group doing a rap number. 

Any ideas?

Musical Monday: The Yohappie Edition

For this Musical Monday we have a new kindie song which is very likely to make Yohappie. Heh. Bad pun intended. However, while this song is not usually my cup of tea but the video was just so cute and happy, I kept watching and it ended up making me really like the song too. Another solid hit on the Kindie trek. 

I hope you listen to this and it brings a smile to your face and shakes away the "OMG why is it Monday again??" blues. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Top 5 Dramas Who Missed the Landing

Last weekend I had the...displeasure to finish the TWDrama, In a Good Way. Throughout most of the drama, I really liked it. Yes, it moved slower than a snails pace, and had basically no plot at all, but it was a character driven drama, which is usually right in my wheel house, so that was fine. But then, as the last 4ish episode came in, the drama went and decided to get a plot. A bad one. A plot bad enough to make me very cranky, I believe I posted this online:

The ending just left me with a bad taste in my mouth. Which got me to thinking about all the other dramas that were perfectly enjoyable, until those last few episodes, or even minutes came in and the writers blew the ending for some reason or another. 

*Warning, this WILL contain spoilers...