Thursday, April 24, 2014

Choi Jin Hyuk: At It Again

Now here is a guy who just can’t stop--or a guy who is frantically trying to jam as many projects in as he can before he heads off to his military service. (Which, did you know was planned for next year?) 

Choi Jin Hyuk went right from his role in Heirs to starring in Emergency Couple which just ended. (Sidenote: Was this worth watching? I didn’t think it was going to be, but some of the gifs I’m seeing on Tumblr made me second guess myself.) He’s about to start the Flower Grandpa Detective Agency--now in this drama he plays the younger version of one of the Grandpas. The synopsis of this drama is pretty confusing, but from what I understand, this will be an actual part and not just a flash back. 

Now the word is that he’s ‘looking favorably upon’ the upcoming TDrama remake, Fated To Love You. In this drama, again, he will be taking on a supporting role as Jang Hyuk has already signed on as the lead. 

This news made me think a couple of things. Like I said in my previous post, love Jang Hyuk, but I think I would buy Choi Jin Hyuk more as the chaebol heir who accidentally knocks up a stranger. 

Um. Wait. That sounds bad.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Very Special Lessons Brought To You By Temptation of Wife

This weekend was Easter, which of course means it’s a Kdrama-apalooza up in here. This time around I chose Temptation of Wife, which from the title, and they synopsis, had a high possibility for a high rating on the kdrama crack scale. And I’m happy to report, yes, Temptation of Wife, with it’s fauxcest, adultery, murder, suicides, cancer, and love triangles is cracktastic. 

Watching this, I feel like these characters have either no basic sense or they never learned some very valuable lessons which seem pretty straightforward. Nevermind, characters of Temptation of Wife, Stephanie is here to help.

1) Never marry your rapist--this will not work out for you.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Musical Monday: The Black Skirts Edition

The last couple of weeks I've suddenly been listening to a lot of The Black Skirts. Have you ever done that? Not listen to something in a really long time and then one day remember, "Oh yeah, I really like them" and then play it constantly? I do it all the time and right not it's The Black Skirts chance. 

If you're not familiar with the band, don't feel bad, they are one of those not in the spotlight indie bands--one of the treasures you have to go searching for. I own 2 of their CD's and both have a pretty different sound. This song comes from my favorite of the two CD's which is a little more mellow. (Which for me to prefer the mellower music? A little weird.) 

Since it is an indie band, they don't have many music videos, so this one is just a fan made one with the lyrics--which you'll see--is mostly in English!

The Black Skirts, Love Shine

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Korea Is Sad

In light of the tragic events which happened in Korea this week, I felt it in bad taste to google and oogle our weekly Khottie. As we all now feel such an affinity towards the country and its people, I'm sure you understand. Now go out, hug your families, and watch some Kdrama. 


Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Fun Kdrama Crossword Puzzle

I’ve been working on this Friday Fun post for a while! It’s inspired by Tayfan2 over at A Fancy Paper Experience. She told me she had made the first kdrama crossword puzzles and was nice to share it with me (here is a link to Tayfan2's puzzle!). Now, turns out, I’m just as bad at Kdrama crossword puzzles as I am with American ones, but it got me thinking--how much fun would it be to make one of my own? Answer? 

So. Much. Fun.

I hope you like it!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

MFBTY? Yes, please!

In this very special lesson, Stephanie learns to read carefully. I skimmed an article yesterday about Yoon Mi Rae teaming up with Euna Kim a past winner of Superstar K3 (where Yoon Mi Rae is a judge) to release a song. Here is my exact thought process.

Yoon Mi Rae--she’s Tiger JK’s wife.
I like her songs.
I didn’t know she was a judge on a music show.
I’m glad she’s working, she and Tiger JK are underrated.
I love MFBTY.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Jaejoong As A Gangster In Triangle?

This is where Stephanie puts on her “Uhhh...really?” face. (If you need a visual it kind of resembles her “what is that smell?” face.)

With the release of some stills of the upcoming drama Triangle (all of Jaejoong--they really know where to hit those prospective viewers)we also get some more plot information. Recapping previous information: this is story of three brothers separated in childhood, reunited later. Jaejoong is apparently a low-level gangster (we’ll come back to that later) and the younger son, played by Im Shi Wan was adopted into a wealthy family who lives in fear of getting kicked out. I’m sure older brother had some sort of hard knock life where he’s persevered, staying on the right track (it’s the only character left with the hoodlum and rich boy characters being taken) who brings the family back together.