Monday, September 1, 2014

Musical Monday: The Super Junior Edition

My boys are back! Welcome back guys, we've missed you! Except for you--you know who you are...

So after a long hiatus Super Junior returns with Mamacita. Do I love it? Welllll.... no, not really. It's not terrible and there are parts of the video which are really super funny. That Siwon--what a ham. I'm just not sure what the song has to do with the western concept. You know, except for when they say say Mamacita, Ayayaya, so it just confuses me a bit.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Khottie of the Week: Kim Nam Gil

Did you realize it's been two weeks since I've done a Khottie? Or I should say, I missed two weeks and nary a peep from the peanut gallery. I thought perhaps maybe we were all collectively bored of oogling and googling hot Korean men. That's okay, it can happen. But then Miss Nelly gave me the what-for and so now we're back. (That Nelly can be quite forceful....) 

So for our first time back, I had some trouble choosing. 

I put the question out there and the only other person in Kdramaland who wasn't out enjoying their Friday night (or knee-deep in Kdrama) was Amber--so she got to choose. 

Friday, August 29, 2014

KCon 2014 Concert Special: Girls Generation

Holy crap. I had no freaking idea just how popular Girls Generation was here in the states before going to KCON. 

Friday Fun: Things Stephanie Stubbornly Avoids

Inspired by Brenda's listener question on this week's podcast, I've realized there are a lot of things that I irrationally or rationally, as I've made up in my brains seemingly perfectly reasonable (kind of the same way I can make myself think Taco Bell is a good idea.) reasons to avoid certain things. So I thought I'd make a quick list.

1) My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 7B: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Thanks for coming back for a second round of podcast this week! 

Episode 7B: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Find it Here

Show Notes
In the second half of this episode, we answer a listener question posed to Stephanie and her stubborn… anti-biases? Then we spend the rest of the time squeeing over Beta heroes, who they are, why we love them, and then debate some questionable ones. At the end, as promised, we post a question which could put you in the running for an assortment of K-treasures. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

KCon 2014 Concert Special: VIXX

I didn't come into KCON a fan of VIXX, actually, I came into KCON knowing there was a VIXX, but not actually having heard any music of theirs at all--ever. 

Crazy For Kdrama Podcast Episode 7A: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Hey Everyone! I put a little disclaimer on top of our disclaimer in the episode, but Cherry and I ran long — real long. So what we decided to do was split the episode up into two parts, one that will come out today and another which will become live tomorrow. Two times the amount of podcast for the price of one! And that one is free! So really, this is probably the best deal on the internet. 

On top of all that? We’re super excited to be doing our first giveaway! So make sure to listen to find out how you can win a bag full of K-stuff!

Episode 7A: Attack of the Beta Heroes!

Find it Here

Show Notes
In this half of the episode, we talk about the lengths Cherry will go for her B1A4 addiction, Kpop crafting, what we’re watching (and this time Stephanie actually has things to contribute), new additions to the blog, the ice bucket challenge which is taking the Korean idol world by storm, and dirty, dirty Junsu.